We offer three tiers of membership.

Langley Go (launching soon)

  • $10 monthly subscription
  • Members receive a $5 pour of whiskey once a day from bars throughout LA and OC. 
  • Personalized whiskey diary to save your favorites
  • Insight into great whiskey bars and their selections

Langley Social

  • $500 annual membership dues
  • Membership includes free access to our bi-monthly educational tastings (non-member price is $35 per tasting)
  • Exclusive events
  • Personalized recommendations based on your palate
  • Access to rare and limited bottles
  • Free annual subscription to our Langley Go app

Langley Society (By invitation only)

  • Exclusive Connoisseur’s club
  • Members are given personal lockers and space in our humidor
  • Tastings include special edition, distillery exclusive, and rare bottles for collectors and connoisseurs tailored to each individual's palate 
  • Members only events showcasing Scotch Lifestyle™ brands such as our Aston Martin
  • Langley Go subscription included
  • Exclusive to 500 members at this time by invitation only
“Buy the ticket. Take the ride.” - Hunter S. Thompson