At Langley Social Club, we bridge together all the elements of Scotch Lifestyle™. Our events feature leaders in all related fields from whiskey experts and brand ambassadors, chefs and their pairings, to fashion influencers and etiquette consultants. We are cultivating the connoisseur culture and furthering the whiskey revolution with strong emphasis on refined taste.

Our app, Langley Go, gives subscribers the opportunity to receive a $5 pour of whiskey, daily, from bars throughout Los Angeles to further their whiskey exploration and discover great bars.

We offer many other tools to help whiskey enthusiasts on their journey such as our informative newsletters, educational tasting events, and whiskey, fashion, and lifestyle inspiration throughout our social media.

Neille Caroline is the Langley Social Club Founder and Langley Go App Creator. She is a Whiskey Expert, Scotch Lifestyle Influencer, a Connoisseur, and Whiskey Educator who, for more than eight years, has traveled the globe following her passion for whiskey. Neille focuses on teaching individuals how to taste whiskey in three sips with the Pledge, the Turn, and the Prestige as well as providing expert recommendations based upon one's palate and personal preferences.